Can you really make $1000+ per month taking online surveys?

Published: 05th August 2009
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You hear a lot of stories about people getting paid heaps for filling out surveys online, more than $1000 per month! But are these stories true? Or is it all a big hoax....

I was curious to find out so I signed up to a lot of free survey sites, but I was only being paid $2 at most for each survey, and they took hours to finish! I saw lots of ads for survey sites that claimed you could make over $100 per hour taking surveys, which sounded fabulous, but none of them were free to join. What would happen if I paid to join and couldn't make any money?

It wasn't a risk I was willing to take, so I did some research, looking for someone who knew what worked, and what didn't.

It took many hours of searching before I came across an excellent site that had tested out 35 different paid survey sites and found the 3 most legitimate top paying ones on the net, all of which offered a full refund (with no questions asked) so there's absolutely no risk.

I submitted my name and email address so they could send me the details on their top 3 choices. That was 4 weeks ago, they haven't sent me any spam, and I've been making hundreds each day taking surveys!

On average I've been paid $10 to $30 per survey, each taking 5 to 20 minutes to complete. There are multiple payment options, so anyone anywhere can get paid quickly and easily. I've even been getting paid to watch movie trailers!

Don't get too excited though, because these survey sites often have limited membership spots available in each area. I'd suggest checking them out sometime soon just to be sure. Hope you start making lots of money like I am!

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